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The Choice Of Office Storage Cabinets
Jan 02, 2018

Office storage cabinets play an important part for office space.


When you choose office storage cabinets, please note the following points:


Step 1 : look at the materials and prices


Before buying steel filing cabinets, first ask the business cabinets what materials to do, try to use high-quality cold-rolled steel, cold rolled sheet at standard level is a very cost-effective choice. The thickness of the plate should be thicker, so that the production of the file cabinet will be more robust and durable. The price of the thin plate is cheap, and the service life is also worrying, and the poor bearing capacity is very easy to cause  deformation.

In general, the thickness of 0.6mm-0.7mm plate is a very thick plate. Such as, FUYIDE the top brand manufacturers in China,the thin board is firmly rejected for corporate credibility, we use high standard for cabinet raw materials. Office storage cabinets can even over 0.8mm, this is far beyond the standards of peer also makes the office storage cabinets become the first choice for military procurement, government procurement. Durable quality, of course, also won the customers enduring Favorite.


Next, we have to look at the price. First of all, choose a good material, the price will certainly be high,  you get what you pay. Of course, the factors that determine the price of office storage cabinets need to be composed of a total of four parts, including: the production process, the thickness of steel, product selection and surface spraying.


If the specifications and styles look almost the same, and there is no special  customization, the low price of the office storage cabinets is likely to be "jerry", the thickness deviation of office storage cabinets is too large, or work is not rigorous. If you have a good brand can provide factory direct price, it must be  the best choice.


Step 2: To see the production process

To observe the quality of a steel filing cabinet, the most direct way is to see its production process. See whether it is based on the standard production process, if you can understand the detailed production process with the sales staff, or the best in the field. At this point, the manufacturer who has the strength of the factory and the facilities of the exhibition hall can provide a better purchasing experience.


Step 3: Look at business strength


We can learn from friends and colleagues, official website of enterprises, news and dynamic information, and related comments of a company. A good company has formal qualification honor, professional production team and perfect after-sales service, which is an important reference index. If the factory have own design team or the R & D team, it's more of a bonus point when you buy it.

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