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Steel Filing Cabinets
Mar 24, 2017

Steel filing cabinets metal filing cabinets, is made of cold-rolled steel sheet after a complete precision production process of Cabinet, mainly to place documents, data and records.

Steel file cabinet type: can be divided into information on filing cabinets, filing cabinets, cabinets, mobile Cabinet, key cabinets, assembling and disassembling cabinets, mobile filing cabinet, CD Cabinet, bookcase, wardrobe, shoes Cabinet, lockers. Location: suitable for service companies, factories, schools, training institutions, enterprises and institutions such as hospitals, banks and Government agencies.

Common specifications

1, H730/1030/1330mm* W452mm* D620mm

2, H730/1030/1330mm* W900mm* D452mm

3, H745/1085/1425*W900*D450mm

filing cabinet.jpg

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