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Steel Filing Cabinet Introduction
Jun 28, 2017


filing cabinet is a type of office furniture usually used to store paper documents. To put it simply, it is an idea cabinet for drawers in which items are stored. The two most common type are vertical filing cabinet and lateral fiing cabinet. A vertical filing cabinet has drawers that extend from the short side of the cabinet. A lateral file cabinet has drawers that extend from the long side of the cabinet. There are also have file hanger, filing cabinets are often designed to hold different sizes of file, such as A4, F4, letter size and legal size.



Office filing cabinets are typically made of cold rolling steel or wood. The drawers usually use a drawer slide to facilitate opening the drawer which includes an "outstop" to prevent the drawer from being pulled completely out of the cabinet. To open a drawer on most metal filing cabinets, generally need 3 section slideway. Each drawer has a metal or aluminum alloy handle to grip and pull the drawer with. On the front face of each drawer.

Four drawers steel vertical filing cabinetThree drawer metal lateral anti-tilt filing cabinets