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Steel File Cabinet Material Description
Mar 24, 2017

Steel filing cabinet is the basic material of cold-rolled steel sheet, cold-rolled steel plate is hot rolled steel plates for raw material, rolling below the recrystallization temperature at room temperature, and cold-rolled steel sheet is after cold rolling process of steel plate, carbon content is moderate, carbon content in 2%, referred to as cold rolling plate. Cold-rolled sheet thickness is between 0.1--8.0mm, cold-rolled sheet thickness, width is the basis of each plant's capacity and market demand and decisions. Cold rolled steel with smooth surface, excellent processing, through sheet metal, bending, soldering, pickling, phosphating, spraying process produced steel file cabinets. Steel file cabinet material steel filing cabinets selection determines the quality of metal file cabinet stability and its visual appearance. Steel filing cabinets selection first of all, thickness, in the market based on the thick plate thickness is generally divided into cabinets and sheet Cabinet, common sheet steel file cabinets on the market today the plate thickness is generally 0.3-0.5MM, plate is 0.6-0.8MM, together with surface coating products will increase the thickness of 0.1mm-0.2mm. Sheet metal cabinet because the material is too thin, weight and durability of the product cannot be guaranteed, it is the excessive price competition and falling prices reduced feed products, strictly speaking, does not meet the actual demand for steel file cabinets. Therefore, our only choice is frame thickness of 0.6mm over-before spraying steel file cabinet is fundamental to ensure the cabinets used all the year round.


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