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Space Match
Mar 24, 2017

More elderly parents folded clothes, usually less, so you can consider doing more layers and drawer, elderly health, not climbing or squatting, the closet should not be placed at the bottom of the drawer, should be around 1 m high from the ground, conditions, consider upper fitted with lifting the wardrobe hangers.

Children's clothing is usually less pendant, stacked high and consider the question of placement of children's toys, preferably in the closet design is considered a species when Cabinet, only the top of the pendant, lower vacancy, child-friendly open door access, and collecting toys, children fun attitude.

Young couple's clothing, it is diversified. Set the left and right sides respectively to each of the men and women clothes storage space. Cabinet body length of coat hangers are usually divided into two layers, one store coats and tops, shirts also can be placed in a separate drawer or shelf will not squeeze too much clothes together and fold bad. Underwear, ties and socks are available dedicated cubicles, both clothing maintenance, take things more convenient sweater drawer that can be placed in deeper; trousers with a dedicated rack storage.

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