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Locker Purchase
Mar 24, 2017

Locker purchase

Lockers are closely related to our life, and directly affects the quality of life and health. Will teach you a few wardrobe shopping tips here, reminded members of the public to purchase prior to the locker, it is best to advance knowledge.

1, large closet legs with thickness of 2.5 cm, is too thick it is clumsy, thin flexible deformation found wood poles, out at the end, the drying does not complete. Checked out the surface, and open the cabinet door, drawer door look inside materials have decayed, can put a pinch with your fingers, pinch it means rotten. Open door smell a smell, if red nose, eyes, tears, and description of cement in the formaldehyde content is too high, be harmful to the human body.

2, check the doors, drawer joints should not be too large, should pay attention to horizontal even vertical, not pendulous.

3, small wardrobe, such as chairs, stools, hanger on selection in the cement floor, such as dragging a trailer, gently falling down, ringing, indicating better quality; if you sound dumb, spluttering noises description mortise combined with tight, structure is not in prison.

Lax locker seam 4, veneer, wooden veneer, either PVC or paste paint paper, post formed the leather note, with or without swelling, blistering, seam is not strict.

5, check to see otherwise invisible. Qu wood veneer closets, water damaged more easily, generally only for two years. Veneer, edge planing veneer peeling well. Method of identifying them is to look at the pattern of wood, sliced veneer wood texture is straight and tight, rotary cut veneer pattern songs and sparse. Veneer Particleboard locker, must be edge, not edging boards will absorb moisture, swell and damage. Veneer wardrobe < chairs > corners up with where, when selected, you can use your hands to pull the corners, if a pick up, using glue has a problem.