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Mar 24, 2017

More wardrobe is store clothing of Cabinet, is people life in the essential of supplies, widely application Yu family, and public career units, and Office places, and school, to, reform Qian more wardrobe most used of is wood quality material making, with reform of process, more wardrobe has moisture, and anti-corrosion and wear, and nontoxic tasteless, and color bright (can made variety color) and not faded (color mother thaw and raw materials within), and never rust (material is plastic), and using life long, characteristics.

Wardrobe selection can be divided into three types: steel lockers wood lockers, plastic lockers.

Steel lockers: use of 0.4~0.8mm high quality cold-rolled steel plate cabinet with electrostatic spray equipment phosphating and anti-rust treatment; color is matte white or grey, other colours can be customized specification: 1800/1850*900*420mm, non-conventional size manufacturers can order part manufacturer in order to cut costs will also be using Tin production, purchase, please pay attention.

Wood lockers: the main use of solid wood or composite panels produced, solid wood durable but expensive and is not easy to move, mostly wealthy families use to buy; cheap but durable composite material prices, mostly renting temporary purchases, move most of the discarded, can be purchased according to their own needs.

Plastic lockers (ABS locker), also known as plastic lockers or steel lockers. Plastic more wardrobe to its unique of material, moisture, and not rust, and resistance impact, and heat, and acid alkali, advantages was widely of application Yu various special places, as swimming pool, and Stadium, and the big University bathroom, and beach baths, and fitness club, and bath Center, and station, and Metro station, and large industrial and mining enterprises, and department store, and supermarket, and library, and playground, and ski field, and golf field, many places.