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How To Choose A Good Steel Furniture?
Nov 14, 2017


How to choose a good steel furniture?


When you choose steel furniture, you must take the following tips for into consideration:


1. Material:  To ensure the cabinet use high quality cold rolling steel sheets,and check toughness and flatness of steel plates.Good steel will not easy to damage and deformation.

2. Steel Thickness: The thickness of steel sheet decides the frim and durability of product. 0.6-0.8mm thickening plate can guarantee super durable and strong structure.

3. Technology

 Excellent technology should focus on the following points:

(1) The sureface of the cabinet should be smooth without any scratches and dents.

(2) The interior fittings are beautiful in apperance and reasonable in layout.

(3) The structure is easy to assemble and disassemble, steady structure.

(4) Spraying evenly, strong adhesion.

(5) If the cabinet with drawers, be sure all the drawer can be open smoothly.

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