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700m Of Automatic Spraying Line
Nov 21, 2017

We have 700m of automatic pre-treatment line with 9 procedures, including acid-washing, phosphating to remove oil/rust, drying, auto powder coating, etc.

Our factory automatic spraying line adopt the most advanced automatic spray guns and manual spray guns, they can easily spray all kinds of parts, the automatic spray guns spray large surfaces, and for some corner, gadgets and other small parts, skilled workers use manual spray guns to make sure the powder distributed evenly.

The powder use environmental epoxy resin powder, Environment protecting, it has no toxic and side effects on human bodies. And different kinds of powder can achieve different surface effects, such as highlight, smooth, sand, orange, etc. We can do as your requested.

All the spray are in a closed environment, it can be reduce the waste and improve the quality during the spraying, We adopt electrostatic spray treatment, which makes the surface fluency and cleaning, strong and durable. The advanced equipment, top-quality powder and skilled workers, just make the best products.

After painting, QC will test the adhesive force, smoothness and smog for each batch of powder to make sure color fastness, durability and beautiful of products.

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