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Trendy Design 3 Drawer Movable Cabinet

Trendy Design 3 Drawer Movable Cabinet is suitable for any work station.

Trendy Design 3 Drawer Movable Cabinet

3 Drawer Movable Cabinet introduction:


Trendy Design 3 Drawer Movable Cabinet

Item No



0.7MM High Quality Cold Rolled Steel(0.5-1MM)





Surface Treatment

Powder Coating (No smell & no harm to people and environment) Smooth Finished


High Quality 3 section fully open slideway


ISO9001 & ISO4001

Using area

Home, office & working area, gym,library,etc.

3 Drawer Movable Cabinet Details:

1. Three section 100% extension slides allows full drawer access.

3 Drawer Movable Cabinet

2. Imported Brand lock ensure your files is safe.

3 Drawer Movable Cabinet lockset

3. File drawer can put is available for different size hanging floders.

3 Drawer Movable Cabinet file drawer

Production Process of 3 Drawer Movable Cabinet:

Raw material----Pretreatment---Cutting----Punching---Bending---Spot Welding---- Powder Coating----Quality Inspection---- Pre-assembly ---Packing and Inspection----Loading and Delivery

3 Drawer Movable Cabinet Production Process

Advantages of our equipments:

1. CNC Laser cutting machine

Latest CNC laser cutting machine can ensure the accuracy of side-cutting without burrs.

2. CNC punching machine

CNC puching machine can punch vent holes and other holes free from error and without burrs.

3. Salvagnini P4XE bending machine

This machine can put a pair of univeral bending mould, which can finish most of the bending without being replaced. 

It can finish one part within 30 seconds to fullfill the capacity of diversified production. 

4.  Laser welding machine

With advanced laser welding equipment, we will precisely adjust the welding of parts to ensure the welding quality and beautiful appearance. 

5. Roller Forming Line

With Roller Forming Line, we can finish the small parts like door stiffener without any error.

6. Automatic Spary Powder Coating Line

We have 500m of automatic pre-treatmetn line with 9 procdures including acid-washing, phosphating to remove oil/rust, drying, auto powder coating, etc.



Yes, we are specialized in office steel furniture, such as office steel cabinets, filling cabinet, steel lockers, bookshelf, mobile pedestal,system office furniture, compact shelving, steel-wood school furniture(desk, bunk bed, chair, experimental platform) etc.


Our factory is located in Liuli industrial zone, Luoyang YiBin District, Henan, China. Welcome to visit our factory.


Yes, we do OEM products. we have professional design team to meet your diverse requirement.


Quality is the most important for the customers and our factory. We have ISO9001, ISO 14001 and Certificate of Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification for all the quality control and safety production in every step.


We are glad to offer you samples, and conventional sample are available for you within 1 week.  

but clients are responsible for the products cost and freight charge. 

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