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Steel office filing cabinets with colorful handle
Nov 16, 2017

Mobile pedestal, also known as mobile cabinet, movable cabinet. It’s easy to remove and suit for widely environment.

Our pedestal is made of five parts: drawer, cabinet body, rail, lock and casters.

  • Drawer: we have three drawers and 2 drawer, the bottom drawer keeps your hanging folders organized and accommodates different size of the folders while the two(one) drawers above provide additional storage space for your small stationery.

  • Cabinet body: The raw material of cabinet are cold rolling steel steel plate,  there are many different handle's type for your reference. with Anti-tilt function, it will effectively to prevent cabinet from tipping. 

  • Drawer slide: All the drawers use high quality 3 section slideway, smoothly to push and pull. The drawers can be fully open, and you can only open one drawer at the same time.

  • Lock: twist lock with 2 keys, turning the key to lock or unlock the cabinet. One lock secure all 3 drawers (2 drawers).

  • Caster: Totally 5 wheels, 4 wheels under cabinet for each corner, and one to support the bottom drawer to keep balance.It can prevent tipping when put one heavy things.

3 drawer steel mobile pedestal 

Sleekline mobile pedestal

Small mobile pedestal

Storage on wheels