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Some tips for maintaining the steel cabinet
Nov 29, 2017

Steel cabinet is popular because of its elegant appearance and relatively long service life. Indeed, the service life can’t be separated from the quality of itself. But daily maintenance and cleaning is also very important. Here are some tips and maintenance methods about the steel cabinet.


1.Dust :

The dust should be cleaned constantly, because the dust will be accumulated of the surface of steel furniture day by day. It is better to use the cotton textiles 100% to clean, such as used T- shirt or Baby coton etc. Do not use a sponge or a kitchenware cleaning products. To wipe the furniture. 


2.Moisture- Proof :

Although steel furniture has antirust function, it better to place them in the dry environment. If furniture surface get wet, immediately dry it with a dry duster cloth or towel. 

3.Scratch Prevention :

All steel furniture is polished and burnished on the surface, Sharp point or sharp edge object will cause the scratch mark on the surface of furniture. 


If furniture is stained with ink, juice, oil, blood, please using the clean damp cloth or towel to clean the furniture directly or clean with little neutral detergent. Do not use strong chemical cleaning detergentor strong alkaline cleaners. 


5.Gloss :

If the steel furface is getting dull, please use a clean dry cloth with little powder to wipe the surface of steel. Do not use steel-wire to clean.

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