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Mar 24, 2017

1. using a clean cotton towel, folded neatly into the locker, micro-holes can be adsorbed on the towel in the locker smell over time remove the towel with warm water and wash, dry after use.

2. the water to smell of tea water, vegetables: use a clean, soft cloth dipped in water (or blanch the vegetables in water) wardrobe wipe it again, can not only make furniture smell diminished and the furniture surface becomes bright and difficult to paint.

3. with gauze for 50 grams of tea into the locker, out in the Sun in a month, and then loaded into the gauze into the locker and repeated use, you can also remove the lockers smell.

4. Rice water to smell: the rice on a soft cloth dampened with water, add a little white vinegar, wipe the exterior lockers also have very good results.

5. to smell the milk: milk boiled down to the deep end of the plate, open the Cabinet, the Cabinet on mats in several layers of newspaper or pieces of cloth (avoid bottom overheating hot holding milk out of overweening), put the milk in the Cabinet, close the door, and after five or six hours the closet smell will be removed. Should be noted that the milk after you take out the Cabinet should be open air will be to avoid steam left in the cabinet formed in hot milk moisture.

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