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New Trends and Keywords of office furniture
Feb 22, 2018

Office furniture: trends and keywords for 2018

New keywords of office furniture: Smart working, smart office, open space, ergonomics ...

Many keywords focus on one trend: the modernization of the working environment aimed at offering the staffs an ideal work space to improve their productivity.

How to define an ideal work space?

An idea work space not only can guarantee a considerable cost-saving to the company, but also could improve the satisfaction and the level of employee performance.

Let’s focus on the different keywords.


This is a new management concept based on giving back to people freedom and autonomy in the choice of spaces, time schedules and tools for their work.

New modern office furniture is not only focus on the quality of service,but also on employee satisfaction.



The ultimate objective is to design and build offices that help work according to contemporary rhythms and values, not only through the establishment of operational areas but by providing areas in which is possible to host and encourage people's flexibility and meeting.

Meeting rooms,leisure areas,waiting rooms or training rooms become strategic points of the work space, promotes team work and encourage the improvement of internal communication.


In the recent approach to space planning of working environments the tendency is to eliminate separation.

An office layout with these different operating options will encourage and push employees to work in a more flexible and creative way and the concept of a fixed location is eliminated.


Ergonmic is an important element for office furniture

If we imagine that an average staff spends a third of his day at work we can easily understand how the impact of the work environment can be significant for its well-being.

In conclusion, office furniture supplier must improve themselves continuously to meet the new trends. 


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