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How to choose best Metal storage cupboards
Dec 27, 2017

How to choose a Metal storage cupboards?


If you want to buy a good Metal storage cupboards but not have a clue. As long as you grasp the 5 key point as follow,you will certain to get a desirable file cabinet.


Key point 1: Understand the material of Metal storage cupboards.

It is extremely important to understand the material of the filing cabinet. In general,  are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel with excellent plasticity.  The thickness of the filing cabinet is generally more than 0.6mm. More than ten processes such as mould sheet metal line, acid washing phosphating and so on,It has the advantages of anti rust, high pressure resistance, impact resistance, and not easy to deform.


Key point 2 : Observe the appearance of the Metal storage cupboards.

The filing cabinet has a strict requirement for the flatness of the appearance.Edge angle to be standardized and the formation of the angle of 90 degrees at right angles. When choosing, you might as well gently touch the panel of the file cabinet to see if it is smooth and tidy, and there should be no sharp edges outside its angle.


Key points3: check the cabinet production process.

    Many well-known manufacturers have strong technical force, has been working hard to improve the scientific and technological content of the file cabinets. The general steel filing cabinet is made by electrostatic powder spray process and phosphating and antirust treatment, so that it not only looks smooth and beautiful, but also can extend the life of the file cabinet.


Key points 4:  Check the accessories for Metal storage cupboards

    Cabinet accessories are also very important components, such as locks, rails and pulleys, etc.Their flexibility and wear resistance can not be ignored in the selection of filing cabinets. They will directly affect the daily life and efficiency of use.


Key point 5 Understand cabinet brand:

    In the process of buying cabinets, we should have a certain understanding of the brand and sales unit's reputation and credibility, and clearly know whether manufacturers and sales units provide comprehensive quality after-sales service to relieve worries.