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Mar 24, 2017

Wood: solid wood made cabinet doors, styles are classic, usually the higher price. Solid wood doors, solid wood core doors-making and wood veneer doors, door frames are solid wood, cherry wood, walnut, Oak color. Door core MDF with solid wood, solid wood door cores, making general solid surface convex in shape, exterior painting, thus maintaining the natural color and shape. This can ensure the special visual effects of solid wood, the border and ensure the doors strength combined with the core.

Bamboo: bamboo cabinets (BAMBOO KITCHEN CABINET), also known as "bamboo kitchen furniture" is set to burn in the kitchen, laundry, storage, range hood, restaurants, bar and functions integrated family of civilian installations. Bamboo cabinets in the modern, European and American kitchen, kitchen appliances, functional parts, kitchen appliances combine the physical carrier and artistic carrier of bamboo kitchen design ideas, so she must be present and future mainstay of our kitchen. In a sense, we can take your whole bamboo bamboo cabinets in kitchen design aesthetic is equivalent to the overall design aesthetic. Bamboo cabinets made from bamboo wall cabinet to cabinets, bamboo craft, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo Roman lines, surfaces and functional hardware components.

-Plastic: plastic substrate for MDF, surface by vacuum or with a seamless PVC film forming process. Plastic door color, wood grain, real, monochromatic color pure brilliant, no crack no deformation, scratch resistance, heat-resistant, stain-resistant, fade resistant, is the most mature of Cabinet material, and the maintenance is simple. Plastic door panels is very mature in Europe is also very popular kitchen material, plastic door panels mainly in the skin determines the quality of door panel.

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