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Island Cabinet
Mar 24, 2017

Island Cabinet, kitchen island is independent of the Cabinet, under Cabinet alone Area. Applies only to the open kitchen cabinet Island, in the modern decoration in its biggest role was as a kitchen and other space partitioning.

Island type Cabinet is more work surface and storage space, easy to many people at the same time working in the kitchen. If necessary, you can install a kitchen island sink or oven/stove. Before you decide, check first to see whether there will be a kitchen island range hood, plumbing, electric and air duct connection and ensure that the console between the stove and the sink surface.

B-shaped Cabinet, also known as corridors along both sides of the wall in the kitchen set up two rows of work and storage area. If food is the focus of the kitchen, so this is a big advantage. Corridor kitchen does not need a lot of space, kitchen door or window at the end.

Note to design, two rows of cabinets shall be at least 120cm space between, to ensure that there is enough room to open the door. For narrow spaces, 60cm cabinets on one side can choose depth, depth of 35cm on the other side of the Cabinet.

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