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Fashion trends
Mar 24, 2017

Popular elements: tone calm, strong wooden texture, integrated

Judging from the Cabinet color, calm atmosphere of black ash, dark coffee will become cabinets popular color this year. Meanwhile, high light monochrome material, such as white, red, olive, vanilla will continue to be popular.

On a monochrome background, local wood ornament or natural wood cabinet will be popular, wood-grain color return. Classical style of quality solid wood cabinets, frames and door panels are hand-sculpted, plus hand-painted and polished, reflecting back to old style. Modern cabinets are also caught up with this trend, imitation wood grain cabinets will appear visually creating a sense of the warmth of the wood.

In addition, the "kitchen" concept will be further developed, the Cabinet is bound in the devices, integration direction. Many enterprises are developing or have already been produced in our country kitchen equipment, such as cupboards, sink one washing equipment; range hood, hob, disinfection cabinet (oven) of integrated devices.