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Difference between kitchen and the whole Cabinet and contact
Mar 24, 2017

1, the whole kitchen is the kitchen as a whole. According to the characteristic kitchen, cabinets as a carrier, furniture, electrical appliances, cigarettes, cooking bench cookers, gas appliances, water basins and other reasonable rehousing, combines cooking, washing, cooking, storage and garbage collection features such as an organic whole. Organic energy in the kitchen, and the facility reasonable combination of both finish cooking, is harmless to human body, but also with landscaping decorative features.

2, the whole Cabinet is separated from the House, based on the ergonomics of cooking habits and procedures, will combine a series of functions, wash, cut, burned, stored functions can be completed in a series of Cabinet system as a whole, reaching scientific and collective levels. Cabinet systems including cabinets, wall cabinets, countertops and sinks, metal parts can be placed, pot, Bowl, scoops, pots and other utensils of kitchen furniture.

3, from kitchen to kitchen, kitchen cabinet kitchen concept is still some distance away, used kitchen products don't match, because that is not of a high standard, some facilities are not compatible. Whole kitchen stands for different design ideas, service quality and quality of life, both walls, roof, doors, Windows, lighting, also includes the use of furniture and electrical equipment, is a broader concept.

4, the proposed kitchen renovation, first draw a standard end construction plans, coordinate with the room, decoration, in one step. Avoid a complete Cabinet home, to escape the multiple and complex pipeline, not cut back, bottom, is sawed off a piece, have incomplete status when finished.

5, if the whole Cabinet production when the electrical, environmental and other factors into account, the use of range hoods, microwave, oven, color, size and style are consistent with the matching cabinets, matching, then really took a step closer to kitchen concepts.

6, summary: kitchen is a broader concept, integrating more space, more electrical appliances, kitchen utensils, and environmental considerations into it.

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