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Development trend of office furniture industry
Dec 13, 2017

With the improvement of people's living standards, beauty, lightness, comfort, flexibility, individuality, durability, environmental protection and sustainable use have increasingly become the requirements of the people for office furniture. The more humane and scientific office furniture products continue to emerge, The high-end furniture market has become a competition among enterprises. With the fierce competition in the office furniture industry hardware parts industry is optimistic.


At present, company purchase office furniture has not only limited to the modern furniture with fashion look, but more emphasis on product comfort and functionality, because these factors directly affect the work efficiency of staff. The hardware accessories as the office furniture "joint" on the comfort of office furniture play a decisive role, attract much marketing customers and consumers attention. Furniture Manufacturer in order to get a better competitive advantage in the market, office furniture design devoted more and more energy, improve the quality of office furniture has become an important part of the furniture industry upgrade.


It is understood that the value of hardware accessories in the office furniture accounted for only 5%, but the degree of operational comfort accounted for 85%, high-quality hardware accessories bing a strong support for office furniture life, comfort and functionality. Many office furniture dealers have chosen some of the big brands of hardware accessories to improve product market competitiveness. Office furniture companies in the next few years will enter the high-quality price, the survival of the fittest in the industry reshuffle, the domestic office furniture companies want to gain a firm foothold in the high-end market, the comfort and functionality of office furniture deserve more attention, the role of hardware accessories in office furniture should not be underestimated.


Many enterprises in the office furniture market will choose "custom", custom - has become the mainstream office furniture industry trends. The procurement standards for different types of office furniture such as government procurement, enterprise procurement, hospital furniture, school furniture, and procurement agencies of different industries have different standards for different kinds of office furniture. Different designs and different styles require that the office furniture enterprises not only produce products, they also should to provide systematic solutions for office space and office environment. In the customization trend, Henan FuYide has been customized in the ranks of own brands and characteristics.

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