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Cabinet style editing
Mar 24, 2017

1, I-shaped cabinets: are all the appliances and cabinets are placed along one wall, work on a straight line. This compact, narrow effective kitchen design, suitable for small families or at the same time only one person working in the kitchen of the House. If you use this design for the kitchen, they might create distance between the different functions are too big. Consider using double even wall cabinet or increase the high wall cabinets, maximize the use of wall space.

2, l-shaped Cabinet don't look at just one more corner, the transition to the Cabinet, can give life to add a lot of fun in the kitchen, many new features. Is a practical kitchen design, is the most common type of kitchen design is ideal for small spaces. In this way in between two connected walls dividing the work area, you can get the

Work triangle. Disinfection cabinets and refrigerator, sink, the stove, leave between each workstation console, prevent spills and too crowded.

3, u-shaped kitchen is the most popular abroad, generally require a large kitchen area. U-shaped Cabinet is the most practical in use, u-shaped cabinets easy access to each item, you can maximize the use of space for cooking and storage, they can be easily worked in the kitchen. But the u-shaped kitchen is only suitable for large kitchens. Avoid cross set up so that two people can comfortably at work, not collide. Two rows of cabinets shall be at least 120cm space between, in order to ensure that there is enough space.

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