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Cabinet buying tips
Mar 24, 2017

A look at the edge of the plate. High quality Cabinet edges, delicate, smooth, feel good, straight smooth lines, and fine. Edge banding machine for professional firms a complete edge, break, edge trimming, chamfering, polishing processes to ensure the most accurate size. And workshop style small factory is the glue with a brush, manual pressure edge, with a wallpaper knife to trim, manual polishing machine, due to uneven pressure and weak in many places, also caused by formaldehyde and other toxic substances into the air.

Two punch. Panel furniture is three-in-one connector Assembly, hole position accuracy of fit and will affect the firm structure of Cabinet boxes.

Three-panel. Panel is the first cabinet production process. Electronic cutting saw for large-scale specialized enterprise of computer input and processing dimensions, computerized materials accuracy and processing a number of boards, equipment performance and stability, out of plate size and very high precision, tolerances in microns.

Four-door. Door is the Cabinet's face, and as important as the person's face. Small factory door because the substrate and surface technique properly, doors easy to wet deformation.

Five complete Assembly of the Cabinet effect. Production process error show up in any size door panels, small plant combinations of cabinets, door crack deflection occurs, nonuniform, large and small.

Six-drawer slides. Although it is a small detail, but affect the quality an important part of the Cabinet. Rail mounting due to Kong Weihe dimension error dimension matching error, resulting in around drawer pull is not smooth or loose, also note that the drawer slot is uniform.