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Cabinet acceptance criteria
Mar 24, 2017

Door panel installation should correspond to each other, the level of consistent, all the dorsal Raphe nucleus width should be the same; on the handle should be at the same level (special design); surface should be smooth and bright, no obvious scratches, seam is not obvious; water connection open, water does not flow backward gas opened the drawer 50mm (limiting damping), can be closed automatically, indicating greater load-bearing capacity.

The superiority and vitality of the whole Cabinet is beyond doubt, however, the current market order is not perfect, so developers and consumers buying cabinets at the same time, beware of many irregular business, in pursuit of greater profits by pricing and contracts and product set on "trick".

Good quality is an important part of quality assurance for the whole Cabinet, avoid using the most important aspects of the problem, consumers should pay more attention to, and attach great importance to this will cause businesses to do their best.